Physical Instrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

Physical Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) detects unwanted elements (person or object) entering a restricted zone. Examples include security cameras, access control systems and motion sensors.

INFRA RED motion detectors for households and private properties have become more common place, cost-effective and user-friendly. VEL addresses some common issues, such as false alarms and missed events, with existing technologies.

VEL PIDS provide total security solutions to households, companies, and properties.

We install the modern type of devices such as

  • Motion sensors which can detect the movement of objects and people during the period it is programmed to monitor the property. When these sensors detect encroachment, they will send an SMS message to the owner and sound an alarm to warn and deter encroachers
  • Security Cameras capture encroachers’ images and enable the property to owner see and monitor the process in real-time everywhere in the world
  • Access control completes this PIDS system by restricting access to the property through an enforced locking system.

Call us now to help you secure your household and properties. VEL is currently providing a 40% discount on service charges for all services.

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